How Kroger Is Dealing With Accusations On Dairy Farms

Kroger has committed itself to the humane treatment of all the animals that are present in the supply chain. A famous dairy that has its operations spread over four locations in the north-western area of Texas is responsible for the supply of raw dairy to all the retailers through the bottling plant of the dairy in Denver. According to Animal recovery Mission, there have been recent incidents of mistreatment of farm animals such as cows in the farms of the dairy which is responsible for supplying a famous brand rich in protein. is the news and information source for Associates of the Kroger Co's family of stores.

What Are The Major Incidents Reported?

There was an undercover mission carried out by ARM which shows extremely harrowing videos of farm animals being mistreated in the farms in the North West Indiana area, from where milk is supplied to many major retailers.

When the dairy was contacted for comments on the above-reported conditions, there weren’t any responses from its side.

What Was Kroger’s Response?

Kroger who obtains its raw materials from these dairy farms was quick to respond by saying that they had suspended any major supply of milk from these farms for the usage in any of their products. According to the officials at Kroger, the company has always rendered its full commitment to the humane treatment of all the animals that are part of the supply chain. After learning about the concerns regarding the treatment of animals, Kroger has extended their concerns to the dairy farms and have suspended any procurement of raw materials from them.

After this move by Kroger’s, The ARM has welcomed it as a step towards making the right and ethical choice. They also believe that Kroger will continue to make such decisions which hope to discontinue their relationship with such fair life brands. Kroger also issued statements briefing that they would oversee an audit of all the farms that are put under question and also publish a summarized report of all the steps that they were taking to make sure that such incidents do not happen in the near future.

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